About Jean and Morag

Well, considering I have published much of our background and history in our first post before I noticed this About page, there is not, as yet, much more to tell here.

So, perhaps this page will now serve to bring you up to speed on what we are doing now, together, following years of seperation while we followed our very different paths through life. We both now find ourselves as Scots exiles on Teesside, of all places. How we both got to end up here will, I hope, be made clear as these pages turn.

Morag acquired a large tricycle a few years ago as an aid to getting about. She has suffered terribly with her legs, hips and, indeed, most organs and functions below the waist, so the tricycle is of great assistance to her in going to the shops, going to the Post Office to draw her pension and attending her various mobility classes – though how she manages to zumba with her physical constraints beggars belief!

It was she who had the bright idea of me accompanying on her on these little domestic missions. Those outings got longer and longer until such time as we were taking refreshments with us as well as table, chairs, crockery, a wee primus stove – everything in fact to enable us to stop wherever we wanted and have a tea party. People would join us whilst going about their own business and, before we knew what was happening, we were actually being booked to attend certain events.

And we do love a tea party! And we will always be found with an ample supply of biccies – especially sponge fingers, Morag’s particular favourite.

And we are becoming quite popular, it would seem! We always enjoy attending the Wartime Weekend in Whitby – two years now; we have rubbed shoulders with an MP and the Mayor of Redcar & Cleveland, whose Grand Charity Tea Party we are attending soon; we assisted in Her Majesty’s Jubilee celebrations; we entertained passers-by at the running of the Olympic Flame through the borough; we presided over the Age UK AGM and closed the event with a firework display; we entertained many young people at the Seaview Restaurant Christmas staff  ‘do’; we gave our views on the state of health services for the elderly in front of an invited audience of health professionals. In short, we are very busy!

So we are now an act – artistes, no less! Our sainted father will be turning in his grave, I have no doubt, but I am sure our mother, Jessie, would have loved it!

So now you are completely up to date. What transpires from henceforward will be recorded in future posts.



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